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The essence of our work is understanding the needs of others. Therefore, special attention is paid to human relations in our company. Family divided against itself will never be able to concoct favorable acceptance of its guests. Scratchy team does not provide its customers with the right climate for relaxation. Our clients always show respect and trust. 

In the same way we treat associates and competition ..


At each location, we employ two people: the employee and his passion. This makes us more and we can achieve better results. Most importantly PASSION expects a specific type of remuneration. It is the SATISFACTION of a job well done. Fortunately, we have quite a lot of resources.
We also understand and do not hide that we're all working for the money, but the same denomination of the note may have different emotional value depending on the circumstances in which it was developed. There is no way to make more pleasant than working, often imperceptibly turns into fun.
We value the power of talent. Any person assign these tasks, in which he feels is best. Therefore, if you do something, we do it best and with heart. it very well.


Today's world is changing almost from day to day. That is why we constantly try to acquire and enhance their knowledge. With this knowledge and experience we can undertake the most difficult tasks. Any challenge to enrich us with new ideas to improve our work. Never experiment on your clients - we offer the only proven and effective solutions.


Customer buys from us satisfaction, comfort and well being. Emotional needs can be met not only material goods. That is why we attach great importance not only to the quality of our services, hotels and restaurants, but also to the culture of customer service. It is based on flexibility, ethics, and positive emotions. Every customer is welcome with a smile and we welcome his comments and needs. We try to keep the word, and if anything we do, we take care of every detail. Together we create a place where there are travelers Asylum, lovers and business people.



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