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Experience (organized weddings) - about 120, about 10 000 wedding guests

Organization of receptions for up to 100 people

Number of seats in the Grill Bar: 120

The possibility of organizing an outdoor event (under tent)

Own decorations.

Consultant's advice

Large garden available - great background of romantic photos

Very extensive menu, tailored to customer needs


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Wedding service

img_2837.jpgIn this the most beautiful day of life, everything should be like a fairy tale princess with a beautiful and noble prince in the lead role.

Fabulously decorated ballroom, a sumptuous feast, a romantic garden with a bridge, is a gathering of lovers, and a cozy room with a bed coverd of roses plates.

But this is just one of many possible scenarios for the dream wedding in the Azyl. But each of them provides for the newlyweds and their families have the same role: participants champagne carefree fun.

That is why we attach so much importance to the organizational details. The whole watch our consultants, remembering the things that many of us do not even thought. They propose the most suitable menu, advise on the decorations and see to it that nothing will disturb the special holidays.

We guarantee only the good memories.

Folders with current Wedding offer available at the reception desk

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