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Support for mass events: Yes

Area: whole of Poland, foreign


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We are the couriers of good taste wrapped in a mouth-watering dishes. We candeliver them anywhere and for any group of people. Catering Wrocław Catering Wrocław
From the small parties, with an exclusive reception at a large mass party. Since food in styrofoam boxes of the true feast in such prestigious and demandinginteriors, such as a museum of architecture.

We can proof that good eating can accompany us everywhere, even there where are no conditions to prepare at least a decent cup of tea. We call it modestly- catering.

Others called it a miracle.

We are not afraid to cross any borders - including the state. We delivered our dishes even have to Slovakia. We can afford it, because we have top class catering equipment.

We are capable of taking care of the details - do not need a knife to preparemeals for guests who will be forced to eat standing up.

And most importantly - leaving behind only good memories, all the rest we take with us, obliterating all traces of an unforgettable feast.

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